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the following message is totally unrelated to your imagination.

Age. 30
Gender. Male
Location Gastonia, NC
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the lucky ones
Alright. On the insistance of randomjunk, I am now linking to middaymoon. He's now officially my friend. I've also added randomjunk and the illustrious dave.
The JMC!!
They love me.
amazing stuff

those lyrics
Some people feel the need to make a mod with lyrics in it. I took that idea and ran with it.

My Lyrics:
Macaroni macaroni macaroni macaroni
Put the cheese with the noodles
And what do you get?
Macaroni macaroni...
sickity sick sick sick
Thursday. 10.19.06 7:22 am
Oh my gosh, I'm so sick. I'm going back to bed now.

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death to plib
Thursday. 10.12.06 10:46 am
What is a plib?
No one knows.
Should you know this?

A guy said "A guy said 'a guy said "a guy said 'a guy said.'"'"
Was that too complicated? If not, go back and read it again, this time holding a mirror in front of your nose. You will then notice that your breathing stops. Cool trick.

Here's something to do on a rainy day like tomorrow: Eat a peanut while holding a brown teddy bear with an Elvis suit. Lick the bear, then say "Ha meloko." You will be all the wiser for it.

But who am I kidding? It won't make the rain go away. Contrariwise, the rain will come down all the harder, just to spite you.

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everyday vids
Thursday. 10.5.06 9:43 am
Oh my gosh.

Why did dave even mention this thing?

So I went to Everyday Vids
. I watched a few, and learned just how strange people can be. And dave obviously enjoys this.
On EV, you can see millions of vidoes of people doing things that make no sense.
A prime example: Cucumber Vs. Horseradish. In this paradigm of modern filmmaking, a man and his daughter yell "horseradish" and "cucumber" at each other while holding the aforementioned foods. Halfway through, they switch places. Oh, I forgot to mention the person who comes to the door with a batman mask.

Oh yes, wonderful films for the whole family. Find 'em all at Everyday Vids.

Alright, dave, there's your entry. I'm watin' fer my 80 pps.

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Monday. 10.2.06 7:15 am
Boredom, the most famous cause of suicide.

What, you say? Suicide? How dost simple boredom lead to the land of the dead?
Wanna know?
Well, you see, when one is bored, one will automatically search for something to do. The early stages of this process are called "wandering around aimlessly" or "mindlessly surfing the net." Neither involve much use of the brain.
After this, one will usually come upon something slightly interesting, for instance an online game or nuTang. They will spend a large amount of time doing this, because they are bored.
The next step is called "getting in trouble." Sooner or later, one's escapades will be discovered and one will either
1) Be fired from one's job;


2) Be grounded.
After this, one will most likely be even more bored, resulting in insanity, resulting in suicide. Thus, boredom is directly linked to suicide.

Who is this 'one' I speak of?


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a thought
Wednesday. 9.27.06 12:23 pm
Why does everyone think Humpty Dumpty was an egg? The thing never says he was.

'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.'

Maybe it should read:

'Humpty Dumpty was a round egg...'

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more riddles to make you happy
Wednesday. 9.27.06 10:04 am
You pay $20 for a burger which costs $3. You get $16.82. Why don’t you get back $17? Is the cashier crazy? (Hint: the cashier is not crazy.)

A candle burns at a rate of 3.12 cm per hour. After 2.345 hours, the candle is 7.3164 centimeters shorter than it was 2.345 hours before (at 4:54 PM). That means that 1.23 hours after 4:54 PM, the candle was 3.8376 cm shorter than it was at 4:54 PM. If the candle was 34.265 cm tall at 3:43 PM, how tall was it 3.476 hours later? Extra credit: How tall was the candle to start with? (remember, I laugh maniacally as you try to figure this out. Especially the part about how tall the candle was. What the heck, figure out how long my hair was 2.346 hours before the candle was 5.87 cm tall? I am laughing, laughing, laughing as you while away your life try to figure out these things…)

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